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Don't even think about booking a villa in Orlando until you've read this.

Right now, there is No requirement in the State of Florida for any Rental Home to be checked or Inspected.

The Orlando Villa Owners Association (OVOA) exists put that right and to set and/or maintain High Standards in Villa Rental in Orlando.

Before an owner can join the OVOA, we inspect their property* to make sure it is kept to a High Standard, have met our Minimum Safety Standards, Insured and are Fully Licensed in the State of Florida.

We have a strict Code of Conduct that members have to abide by and only when they comply to all of the above will they be allowed to join the Association and use our logo.

What does this mean to you? Well, you can rest assured that if the villa you rent is a member of the OVOA, it will be clean and in a good condition. All the relevant safety equipment has been checked*, Fully Insured and all Licences Verified.

You wouldn't rent a car if it wasn't taxed or insured, why rent a villa that's not safe or properly insured? Always look for the OVOA logo to make sure it's been Checked and Inspected. Each villa has a unique 6 digit number within our logo and this can be checked here on this website to make sure they are genuine members.

We have 3 levels of membership for our members.


With our Bronze members we check all licences and insurances are up to date.


With our Silver members we check all licences and insurances. We then inspect their properties to make sure they are clean and comply to our Minimum Safety Standards.


Our Gold members have all of the above and their properties are showcased on our website so you can book with them directly and with confidence.

*Silver and Gold Members Only.

The Orlando Villa Owners Association was set up for Rental Home Owners to have an Association, a place where we can all set and maintain the standards that you, as a renter expects to see. While our aim is to look after our members needs, we also wanted to help out the people who stay in our Villas, You. Most villa owners are passionate about their properties and keep them to high standard. Unfortunately, there are some who are not so passionate. There is very little regulation in regards to Rental Properties in Florida, our members would like to see this change and have joined us not because they have to, but because they wanted to.

Always look for the logo above or ask the owner, are you a member of the Orlando Villa Owners Association?

Our Guest Services area of this website is here to help you as a guest. There is information from everything to booking your holiday to checking out at the end. While we check out our members properties* we also want you to have peace of mind should the worse happen. As most people who book a villa will also book their flights, car hire and theme park tickets separately, they are not covered under the Package Holiday Regulations. Should any one of these suppliers go out of business after you have paid your money, you will not be covered.

Don’t worry though, help is at hand.

We have teamed up with International Passenger Protection to cover you against your Villa, Car Hire, Airline and Theme Park Ticket companies who stop trading after you have paid your money. For a little as £5 per person, you will be covered for up to £1,500. It’s just £5 per person and gives you peace of mind.

Click Here to Protect Your Holiday

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As our site grows, so will the benefits and services we offer our members and their guests will as well. We are negotiating special deals and prices for our members and their guests, Please come back and visit us from time to time to see whats new. You can of course, sign up to our newsletter and we will send you all the latest news and offers as and when they happen.

It doesn't cost any more to book with an OVOA Member and you'll have peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice. Our Guest Services Pages will help you in all aspects from booking your holiday to checking out. We're adding to these pages all the time, so keep checking back so you can save time and money.

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