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Welcome to The Orlando Villa Owners Association.

We’re here to help Owners and their guests make life easier and to save money.

So why join us?

Our Industry doesn’t have representation or standards to adhere to. When people spend a lot of their hard earned money on high price items like holidays etc, they look for reassurance and logos like ABTA, ATOL etc, to make sure people/companies offering these services have been checked out and that they can book with confidence.

The Orlando Villa Owners Association (OVOA) has been set up to offer people reassurance when booking a villa in the Orlando area. Wherever they see our logo they know that a property has been checked out, has all the licences and insurances are in place and meet our Minimum Safety Standards. We know that 90% of Rental properties in Orlando already have all this in place, but the public don’t. They need reassurance and we need to work on the other 10% who are letting our industry down.

I know some of you will say why bother? You’ve been renting your villa out for years and never had a problem that you couldn’t deal with yourself. This is true, But the benefits far outweigh the cost of joining us.

An independent company (OVAO) has Checked and Inspected* your property, it has met all the legal requirements and met our Minimum Safety Standards. It carries a Trade logo to show this. People will look for this logo when booking rental Properties in Orlando in the future.

We’re here to make your life easy and to offer discounts and offers and products and services for you and hopefully your guests too.

New guests will be able to access information about everything from booking their holiday to knowing what documents to have and when to apply for ESTA etc,. This will be a great place to point new renters to so they know what to do and when to do it. You may find it will answer most of their questions about what to do and will save you time answering loads of emails.

We are sourcing offers and discounts for our members and hopefully their guests too. Anything we can save our members will pay for their annual membership.

We will feature our Gold Members properties on our website. There is a direct email link to the owners so they may benefit for extra bookings. It is hoped that a complete booking system will be in place sometime in the near future so that our Gold Members will not have to pay for such systems with other companies.

We are partnering with suppliers so that we can all benefit from Group discounts. Maybe Discount park tickets, Car hire etc,. Again, if we do this, we will put systems in place in the Members area of this website.

For just £5 per person, we can offer your guests reassurance and peace of mind against you going out of business. Think back to 2008 when loads of owners were forced to sell their homes. No one saw that coming!

This is great selling point when renting out your property. It also covers their flights, car hire, theme part tickets, etc, should any of these companies go out of business. This gives your guests real peace of mind when booking your villa should the worst happen.

*You can Self Certify your property CLICK HERE for more information

So what are the benefits of joining The Orlando Villa Owners Association?

First of all, there is safety in numbers. If all the owners of Rental Properties join us, we have a voice in Orlando. We pay more Tax’s than normal home owners, we bring more visitors to Orlando and boost the local economy. They say a million visitors come to Orlando every week! How many of those visitors stay in our properties?

The OVOA has set the standards in Rental Properties in Orlando. We know most of you may already reach or even exceed these standards, but the public doesn’t. Our logo is a way for the public to see who is “Safe” to book with and who isn’t.

Our website will be a resource centre for both Owners and their Guests. All the information you need will be in one place and is available to view online. When you join us, we will set up reminders for you so you know when your insurance, licence’s etc, are due.

When you log-in, your members area will display all the information about your villa, management company and home owners association (HOA)

You can see when your insurance, licence’s etc, are due and you can also set reminders for any other important dates.

If you join us as a Gold Member you can also add your property in the Members area to show on our website. Potential guests can email you directly if they like the look of your property giving you extra bookings.

Our Members forum will allow owners to talk to each other, get to know each other and swap ideas and tips.

Our SOS button in your Members area will allow you to instantly contact multiple owners near your villa should your home suddenly become unavailable due to water damage, break in etc,. An SMS will be sent out to Owners closest to your property who’s villa matches yours. This service is unique to the OVOA and is a great way to find alternative accommodation in a hurry. Your guests will love you for this.

If you have available weeks to sell, you can place these in the guests services area or send them out in our newsletters to people who have signed up to receive them. This is a great way to fill those empty weeks in your diary.

We will email you on the first of every month asking for some important information. To give us huge bargaining power, we need to know how many booking you had in the previous month, how many guests stayed and how much tax you paid. Imagine if we approached a car rental company and told them we had 1000 members who had 10,000 visitors last month, how much discount do you think we can ask for if we directed everyone to their company for rental cars ?

Don’t worry. This is purely voluntary, but is a great way of seeing how our industry plays a big role in the community of Orlando. All the information you give will be in the strictest confidence and is never passed on to anyone. We are not interested in individual numbers but the overall collective of what all our members have done. This is a Huge bargaining tool. You can even see how your villa is performing every month in your Members area from the numbers you gave us.

For our Gold Members who have their properties on our website, we may have a full booking system in place in the near future if there is a demand for this. This could save you money if you are paying for such services.

Our Membership Card will show Theme Parks, Attractions and Restaurants etc, that you are an owner and bring people into their establishments. Our influence on our guests can make a big difference to a restaurant !

We are adding things all the time to make your life easier and cheaper. The benefits will outweigh the cost of your annual membership fee, meaning there’s no reason not to join us.

There are 3 different types of membership. Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Bronze Membership: (£75 per annum) We will Check your Licences and Tax's are all up to date and you are all legal.

Silver Membership: (£85 per annum) as above, with the addition of your property being Inspected for Condition and meeting our Minimum Safety Standards.

Gold Membership: (£99 per annum) As Silver, with the addition of their property being showcased on our website.

You will have a unique six digit membership number, carry our logo in the membership level of your choice.

Remember, you can upgrade anytime you like.

OVOA Member's Badge

We are adding to the list of services and benefits we offer our members all the time. We know the benefit of being a member must be more than the cost of your membership fee.

We value your input. If you have an idea or suggestion, we’d love to hear it. We don’t have all the answers, but together, we can make this a great place for our members and hopefully this will also benefit your guests.

We have plans in the pipeline to add to this site to make it bigger and better. Tell us what you would like to see or have here and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Anything we can do to make our lives easier has got to be worth doing.

Sign up now and if in a years time you don’t think we saved you time and money or made your life easier, then don’t renew ! For just £99 its got to be worth a try.

We look forward to saying:

Welcome To The Orlando Villa Owners Association.